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Whether you are management or an elected official the matter of financial transparency is of utmost importance.  This means financial statements, budget reports and auditing should be accurate, properly disclosed and understandable.

Governmental units, such as counties, cities, villages and townships can benefit from our unique perspective.  Our firm has partners and audit managers that have held senior management positions in local government.  This first hand knowledge is what makes a GWA engagement a better experience for the client.  We understand the challenges faced by local goverments, and finance departments in particular, that other firms simply cannot .

We literally have 'been in your shoes' and sincerely believe that you will see the difference that makes.

We provide comprehensive services to municipalities, including:

  • Financial Statement Audits

  • Federal and State Single Audits

  • Tax Increment Financing District Audits

  • Evaluation of Internal Controls and Procedures

  • Examination of Selected Accounts and Transactions

  • Chief Financial Officer Services

  • Historical Budget Analysis

  • Review of Debt Covenants

  • Preparation of Budgets, Forecasts, and Projections

  • Assistance in Interaction with Financial Institutions

  • Assistance in Interaction with Bond Rating Agencies

  • Bookkeeping and Ledger Account Maintenance

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